Hope Of God

I am so grateful to have found Genoa Institute. They have taught us how to protect our family, our businesses, and our assets through PMAs and Trusts. You cannot find this information anywhere else and this information is so vital in our day. I recommend Genoa Institute to everyone I can because they have helped my family so much. The training is invaluable and knowing how to use the PMAs and Trusts is crucial to protecting our families and businesses. I highly recommend their services!


Theres a lot of different varieties of trusts and it’s hard to choose which is the right one for you especially when gurus / attorneys wanna charge you 10k+ at Genoa institute they have reasonable prices and provide you with videos that teach you everything you need to know how to operate your trust and how it can be respected and acknowledged as an international entity through publication and NAC system they help with any information you need they show & teach you how to write minutes and write your by laws even help create a logo I have really learned a lot any questions you have you can get in contact with an admin and there pretty quick to respond you can also set up a consultation and have a 1on1 and they will be more than happy to alleviate any of your concerns & questions you may have they are very knowledgeable I am thankful for what I’ve learned at Genoa institute and appreciate everything they do


Well first I was given access too the very complete and cream of the crop protections, knowledge, and controls, all while now sitting at the big boy table . I operate at a arms length distance, from allowing my Association from being monitored by the IRS, Governments, Child services , and any and all possible threats trying to contract me out of my own sphere and jurisdiction. At Genoa we are taught how too gain , and maintain, our full capacity of freedoms in all categories, of life! From all the step by step online courses, to, lien course, to Law of Nation courses, to international Publications, to several PMA PACKAGES, FAMILY PMA PACKAGES, as well the ultimate Trust you can ever purchase. I AM THE SAFEST I have ever been, And will ever be, thanks too my purchases , and time spent Learning all the real truths of life that no one else can offer, or is smart enough too offer. Everything else is a scam, a commercial venture, and will not work! It is really the most coolest thing ever too learn the infinite power and options you really have in life. Your stupid if you don't take this education. DEREK WILLIAM DAVIDSON,- Trustee for the DEREK WILLIAM DAVIDSON,PMA


I would like to share my thoughts about The Genoa Institute if I could. I’m a person who has sought after and loved freedom my entire life, knowing that it’s been slipping away more and more every year. I’ve studied to find different ways to protect myself, family and others. There are many so-called patriots and conservatives out there who have their claims and procedures, but I’ve seen many people get in trouble one way or another with those processes, and even witnessed a business associate spend time in jail by using one of those processes. They are invalid for the most part and don’t work. At The Genoa Institute I’ve learned a lot with the mountain of information provided through videos, live sessions, web sites, the people and telegram channels. There are so many things that I have never learned before and they provide specific help with PMA’s and Trusts too. These documents are put together and published for you personally! They are not only different than what’s out there but also contain the vital protection that individuals and families need, especially in the times that we currently live and this is found nowhere else. Thank you, Genoa Institute, for giving me and my family direction and peace of mind. Marlon